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Baffle brick

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Honeycomb ceramic baffle brick is also named "board brick". Regenerative furnaces (such as RTO applications), which are installed in front of honeycomb ceramics to protect them and extend their life. Consider their high temperature properties and thermal shock resistance. Kelai honeycomb baffle brick, the main raw material for white corundum, has excellent high temperature stability and good thermal shock resistance. With our white corundum block, the service life of the double honeycomb ceramics can be greatly reduced the factory downtime and production costs.


● honeycomb ceramic heat accumulator has the characteristics of low thermal expansibility, large specific heat capacity, large specific surface area, small pressure drop, small thermal resistance, good thermal conductivity, good thermal shock resistance, etc. It is widely used in metallurgical machinery industry as regenerative high temperature combustion technology (HTAC), which combines the recovery of waste heat from flue gas with efficient combustion and NOX emission reduction technologies to achieve the goal of limiting energy saving and NOX emission reduction.

● main applications: steel works, waste incinerators, waste gas treatment thermal equipment, chemical plants, smelters, power plants, power industry boilers, gas turbines, engineering heating equipment, ethylene cracking furnace, etc.





200×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
250×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
300×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
350×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
400×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
450×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
500×80×100Ф14On June 8th8736
200×100×100Ф14On June 8th8036
250×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034
300×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034
350×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034
400×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034
450×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034
500×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034
600×100×100Ф14On June 8th8034



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