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Porcelain sand filter material

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Ceramic sand filter material is widely used in single-layer filter, multi-layer filter, mechanical filter as filter medium. Its raw material is made of high quality kaolin, binder, pore forming agent, by the high temperature burn into white appearance, hard texture, uniform particles, the pore developed, void fraction, roundness full new filter material, is quartz sand, anthracite, upgrading of the traditional filter, such as the product, can satisfy the various components of complex industrial wastewater and urban sewage depth processing.


● small initial head loss of porcelain sand filter material is very beneficial for extending the working cycle of the filter. Small end head loss of porcelain sand filter material can reduce the height of the filter and save capital expenditure.

● the interception capacity of porcelain sand is large, generally within 9-10kg/m, about 1.215 times of that of quartz sand filter (7.8-9kg /m3).

● porcelain sand for spherical surface, easy to clean, backwashing water consumption than quartz sand reduced by 30 *50%

● porcelain sand strength, wear small, - than quartz sand filter life of more than 5 times


Wear rate<0.5(g/ml)1.1-1.5
Acid degree>98(%)40-45
Alkali degree>92(℃)1120



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