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Heat resistance & physical properties of PTFE Pall Ring Packing

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1. PTFE Pall Ring Packing feature 

PTFE Pall Ring Packing is a polymer compound formed by the polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. It has excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance. It is one of corrosion-resistant materials. In addition to molten sodium and liquid fluorine, it is also resistant to other chemicals.its advantage such as Sealing, high lubrication, non-stickiness, electrical insulation, good aging resistance, excellent temperature resistance (can work for a long time under temperture 250degree to -180degree).

 kelley PTFE pall ring packing 


2. PTFE Pall Ring Packing physical properties

PTFE Pall Ring material density: soft, extremely low surface energy, high temperature resistance: low friction coefficient in plastics (0.04); non-sticky: in solid materials, the surface tension is small and does not adhere to any substance; it is physiologically inert; Excellent electrical properties, it is an ideal C-level insulating material. A thick layer of newspaper can block the high voltage of 1500V; it is smoother than ice.


3.PTFE Pall Ring structure and performance

PTFE Pall Ring has the advantages of large flux, low resistance, high separation efficiency, and high operational flexibility. Under the same decompression, the processing capacity is more than 50% larger than that of the Raschig ring, the decompression can be reduced by half, and the mass transfer efficiency can be increased by about 20%. Compared with the Raschig ring, this packing has the characteristics of large production capacity, strong resistance, and greater flexibility in operation. Under normal circumstances, when the pressure drop is the same, the treatment can be 50%-99.9% larger than the Raschig Ring. When the pressure drop is the same, it is 50%-7% smaller than the Raschig ring. The tower height also has a pressure drop,The Pall ring can be used is around 20%-40% larger than Raschig Ring.


4. Application of PTFE Pall Ring

PTFE Pall Ring is suitable for various separation, absorption, desorption devices, atmospheric and vacuum distillation devices, ammonia decarburization, desulfurization systems, ethylbenzene separation, isooctane, toluene separation, etc.


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