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The use of Activated Alumina

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  As we know,Activated Alumina is generally used as a desiccant in air compressors.JXKELLEY brand Activated Alumina desiccant is a sphere Activated Alumina desiccant made through a process in a fully enclosed working environment.Activated Alumina desiccant itself is odorless,non-pulverized,insoluble in water,white spherical in appearance,and strong in water absorption.Spherical particles with many capillary pores are very polar to water and other molecules.It has a strong affinity,is a non-corrosive effective desiccant,and its static capacity is high.

The use of Activated Alumina

  During the operation of our factory,Activated Alumina desiccants with specifications of 3-5mm and 4-6mm accounted for 70%of the total production of Activated Alumina desiccants.Because there are two specifications of Activated Alumina,in terms of specifications,both the strength,alumina content and water absorption are all at good values,too large or too small will affect the strength of the Activated Alumina desiccant to a certain extent.But having said that,choosing an Activated Alumina desiccant with the appropriate specifications for your equipment is a good Activated Alumina desiccant.

  Activated Alumina desiccant is generally used to adsorb moisture in the air,but Activated Alumina has other uses and functions.It can also be used for gas and liquid phase drying in petrochemical industry,air filter and other air intake equipment and automatic instrument wind drying.

  Activated Alumina desiccant is a large number of drying adsorbents used in air separation equipment,but customers who use Activated Alumina balls for the first time do not know the performance of the product and will inevitably have such questions.For example,Activated Alumina desiccant will deteriorate after absorbing water.,Swelled or shattered?Regarding this question,Jiangxi KELLEY Chemical Packing Factory can answer clearly:qualified products will not have any changes after absorbing water,even if they are immersed in water,the product structure will not change.The Activated Alumina after absorbing water can still be used normally after drying and evaporating the water absorbed in the internal micropores after being regenerated at a high temperature.For example,common air separation equipment such as air compressors,suction dryers,and refrigeration dryers usually have two adsorption towers A and B.When the equipment is running,when tower A is working,tower B is regenerating;when tower B is working,Tower A is regenerated.This cycle is repeated to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

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