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What are the advantages of metal saddle ring as packing

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Filler is a kind of material which is used to fill other objects and widely used in chemical industry. Due to different requirements, different types are used. The metal rectangular saddle ring belongs to a kind of packing, which belongs to general packing. Because of its many advantages, it has become one of the commonly used packing in many fields.

The development company of metal saddle ring is introduced from abroad. With the continuous development, many domestic manufacturers begin to produce this type of packing. It can be said that this kind of packing is a packing product between the ring and saddle, because they have the advantages of containing both advantages. The foundation of these two kinds of fillers is added to the ring rib design in order to avoid repetition. In such a design, the strength is gradually increased more fully, but it is also a special claw design, so that the mass transfer performance in gas-liquid reaction is more superior.

As we all know, the flux of annular packing is very large, which has become a great advantage of the rectangular saddle ring. It ensures a large flow, improves its mass transfer performance, and effectively improves its rigidity. It is a new type of packing which integrates the advantages of ring and saddle packing. Not only that, this kind of packing also has high density performance, but also has acid resistant and heat-resistant myocardial infarction, which can be used in many different environments.

The metal saddle ring has many advantages, and many different types of packing are a combination of quality. It can be seen that this kind of packing has indeed changed the shortcomings of many fillers, and all the advantages of this kind of packing are integrated into one, which is the achievement of strong mass transfer performance.