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What are the advantages of metal ball rings

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In the field of fillers, the same type of fillers have different characteristics of different materials. Bauer ring is a packing product based on rassier ring, which can be divided into ceramics and metals. So what are the characteristics of metal ball ring packaging? Want to see it.

The metal Bauer ring is greatly improved on the basis of the rassier ring. Although the height and the outer diameter are not the height of communication, the ring wall has a window on its own. It has a bed with an inner tongue piece, and there will be tongue pieces on the window holes. Under this special structure, not only the gas-liquid distribution and reaction adequacy are effectively improved, but also the inner surface is utilized. Compared with RASI ring, it handles more than twice as many as it does now.

This type of packing has large efficiency, low pressure drop, high throughput and great advantages. This can be said to have a large capacity of packing, with smaller resistance compared to relatively large operating flexibility. Under normal circumstances, using this type of packing can effectively save at least about 20% to 40% of the volume. It is precisely because of this characteristic of the filler, so the contrast raschion ring has a higher utilization rate, and has been recognized by the market. It has become the choice of many industries in the packaging field.

In conclusion, do you know the characteristics of metal ball rings? Compared with lashihuan, this kind of packaging has the advantages of high separation efficiency and flexible operation. The price is slightly higher than lashihuan, but it can also bring higher operation efficiency and output. Therefore, the sales volume of this kind of packaging in the market is relatively high at present.