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Unique structural design ceramic Bauer ring

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In the field of chemical industry, many related industrial production can not do without packaging. Due to the different requirements of production equipment, the appropriate types of fillers are also different. For the type of packing, the purpose is to achieve the effect of thermal separation and promote its absorption and desorption process to reach the standard. In this process, the appearance of ceramic Bauer ring successfully solves the shortcomings of some production units, ensures the effect of the separation tower, and makes the gas and liquid flow more smoothly.

Ceramic Bauer ring is an innovative product of ceramic rassier ring. The idea of opening a window around it is added. Such a layout idea makes its specific surface area increase, and at the same time strengthens the vacancy rate. Under such a layout, the gap distribution of fillers is relatively uniform, so both the pressure drop and the void ratio have far exceeded rassier ring. In addition, this type of packing can also be used in high or low temperature environment. Because it has heat resistance, acid resistance and heat shock resistance to two environments, it is very important to play its performance to promote the production efficiency of the device.

The packing designed with this structure can not only effectively improve the wet performance of the packing, but also have a more reasonable cross-section for its height, so that its liquid distribution is uniform and there is no reflux or overheating phenomenon.

The structural design of ceramic Bauer ring is unique, which embodies the above performance advantages in the unique design, which is enough to show that this is a new filling product, both in performance and overall cost.