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What are the advantages of traditional plastic saddle ring

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The overall performance of the rectangular saddle ring is better than that of the lacI ring packing. However, in the development of the packing field, the lack of all kinds of packing has been gradually updated. After the rectangular saddle ring is the plastic different saddle ring. It can be said that this is a new product based on the moment saddle ring. The packing of this product is similar to saddle shape, so it is called different saddle ring.

On the basis of improving the rectangular saddle ring, the plastic alien star ring is designed with serration or convex grain shape, which increases the spacing between fillers and guarantees the improvement of fluidity and dispersion. It is widely used in some drying tower or absorption tower, regardless of mass transfer efficiency, performance and pressure drop.

Because of the different saddle ring's more unique structure design, the liquid channel between the packing layers presents bow effect. It can be such that the gas can flow up an arc path. This is because this type of packing not only has a great advantage in porosity, but also has the advantage of high-performance pan separation, which can ensure sufficient reaction liquid, effectively improve the working efficiency, and also ensure a certain degree of stain resistance, which is the performance advantage that a large number of fillers do not have. This special packing not only has the structural design change, but also improves the overall performance advantage, thus laying the foundation for the development of this kind of packing.

The overall performance and advantages of plastic saddle ring are introduced. On the basis of this excellent performance, the continuous development of fillers in the chemical industry has created more and more new products with stronger performance and gradually replaced the traditional fillers.

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